Stop Waiting for the Perfect Time to Follow Your Bliss

Last night, the little one finally went to sleep around 11PM (sigh). I wanted to do the same. Instead, I went downstairs, soaked in the quiet, and hunkered down to work on my website for a couple hours.

Today, I’m reminded of the great satisfaction and focus that is possible when you seize the opportunity to work toward your goals whenever it presents itself. When I was writing my first novel and dreaming of finding a literary agent, I was also working a full time job, which included massive travel, weeks away from home and many long nights. Yet, I still found the time to write a book and find an agent. I worked late at night, on weekends, in the car, on planes, during vacation, and at cafes.

Client work, family, the house, friends, motherhood and more are all crying out for attention. So when do you find the time to blog, write your own books, and build your business? Stop scheduling and start doing.

I’ve been writing and editing client work for the past three hours at a local cafe. Honestly, my brain is a little fried. In 15 minutes I need to pack up, drive home and pay the babysitter. It would be easy to just close up shop, blow off this blog, grab a cupcake and go home. Instead, I’ll continue to write.

Fast forward to midnight. Again, my husband and babe sleep soundly upstairs and I’m on the couch, focused on writing this blog.

I’m even more fired up this evening because of my third CitizenU group coaching session with Tara Gentile. I finally caught hold of the concept for my ebook during our call. I sat on the floor in Audrey’s nursery, which used to be my office, and the idea poured out of me.

All of these stolen moments don’t seem like much on their own. Leaving the cafe early, going to bed when my family turns in, passing up group coaching because I didn’t know if I should spend the money or the time…I could have made all of those choices and stood still. I could have made the decisions that seemed easier in the moment. But I didn’t and that’s a big reason why my biz is growing.

You might be waiting for the perfect time to start writing the novel that’s been stewing in your head for years. You might be waiting for the appropriate time to leave your job and start your own business. Maybe you’re waiting for the proper time to take the trip you’ve always dreamed of.

Please stop waiting. There is no perfect time. You’ll never feel 100% ready. And by just starting you often realize you want something completely different anyway. You learn along the way. Waiting is wasting time, not using it wisely. Your gut is telling you something, so listen.

Books are waiting to be written. Clients are waiting to be served. Shops are waiting to be opened. It’s all out there for the taking. My advice? Take it.

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