In 2006, I was a recent graduate living in Baltimore, MD. I had a full time job and was engaged to my high school sweetheart. Everything looked on track from the outside, but felt all wrong on the inside.

I started my quest for a meaningful and passionate life by pasting some magazine clippings on a poster board. This simple exercise sparked a wild ride, which included a month-long stay at a yoga ashram, a transformative journey with a local writing group, and quitting my 9-5 job (despite the risk and uncertainty!). Step by step, I let go of my “shoulds” and started following my bliss.

By mid-2007, I had landed my dream job as the Editor-in-Chief of my startup and “right hand” to The New York Times bestselling author and wellness activist, Kris Carr. The next three years were a beautiful blur of biz-building, copywriting, and editing in Kris’ crazy sexy world (my equivalent of an un-MBA mixed with a MFA in writing). During this time, I worked on my own writing career, which has been gaining momentum ever since.

My work has found a home in publications such as VegNews Magazine, Vegetarian Times Magazine, and Glamour.com. 2011 marked the year that I struck out on my own as a writing consultant, content editor, and copywriter. Eventually, I found my way back to where it all started–my new blog, this time as Managing Director for her company. By following my bliss, I landed a career that aligns with my personal philosophy, challenges me everyday and never ceases to surprise me.

– I live in a cozy Baltimore rowhouse with my rockstar/scientist husband, Steve, and our baby girl.
– My rescue cat’s name is Thomas, but Audrey calls him Tommy.
– I’m a happy & healthy vegan (I love my veggies & my cupcakes).
– I played viola for ten years.
– I went skydiving in 2005 and was the first in my group to jump out of the plane!